Case Studies

Vet-AI ‘Joii’ App

Launch of new remote veterinary app

Working with MacComms PR agency, my objectives were:

  • To raise awareness of veterinary tech startup, Vet-AI before the launch of their first app, Joii.
  • To effectively manage the reputation of both Vet-AI and Joii through funding rounds
  • To maintain a positive reputation and position the brand as an authority in the industry
  • To create an online community of pet owners that can be later marketed to


  • Media relations – national consumer, technology, vet trade and regional publications
  • Securing founder interviews, generating monthly news stories
  • National and international award entries
  • Generating debate amongst the veterinary community and responding appropriately 
  • Social media – regular engaging content and competitions


  • 130 pieces of coverage in eight months
  • Featured in most major national newspapers, veterinary and pet trade titles, technology sites such as Gizmodo and broadcast
  • Multiple award wins including Techcrunch Top 50 and 100 list
  • Over 10,000 app downloads
  • 3,600 social media competition entrants and email data

Sound Leisure Jukeboxes

Sales of vinyl jukeboxes up 500%

National Record store day is a key focus for jukebox manufacturer, Sound Leisure. In partnership with PR agency MacComms, I was tasked with coming up with a way to get the firm talked about around this notable date.

The vinyl popularity resurgence meant the company were now making vinyl jukeboxes again and luckily, sales were sky rocketing – giving us a data-led news hook.

I crafted a news release around the sales story, commissioned images of the vinyl players that were being shipped out to Japan, and distributed to journalist contacts.

  • 120 pieces of online coverage, over 100 regional newspapers in print
  • Top tier media coverage included Daily Mail, Yahoo and This is Money
  • MD Chris Black was interviewed on TalkRadio twice, and appeared on BBC Radio 4 ‘You & Yours’
  • A sale of a jukebox worth over £6,000 was directly attributed to the Radio 4 interview


Get Paid to Eat Yorkshire Puddings

Supporting digital marketing agency, Journey Further, and their client brief to launch Australian start-up Airtasker (an online job noticeboard) in Leeds.

We approached The Botanist and agreed to create an irresistible job that paid someone £250 to taste test Yorkshire puddings. My responsibilities included securing the promotion partner, drafting the advert copy and the news releases.

We placed the job advert live on Airtasker and the team sent the news releases to press. The resulting coverage in media and social networks generated huge engagement through likes, shares and fans tagging their friends.

It even got mentioned on Channel 4’s Gogglebox!

  • Secured 60 pieces of global online coverage, 51 of which included backlinks
  • Top tier media coverage included LADbible, JOE, Metro, Daily Mirror, OK Magazine, The Tab, The Grocer
  • Reached 10.8 million people
  • Follow up coverage secured featuring the winning applicant
  • 80 new signs up to Airtasker in Leeds in the first week

Monster Pet Supplies

Launching the UK’s First Dog Friendly Wrapping Paper

An SEO-led PR campaign that also helped to cut through a competitive time of year in retail for Monster Pet Supplies.

Many people buy and wrap presents for their dogs, but they also have no idea there are harmful chemicals used in the process of treating traditional wrapping paper.

We sourced and branded the UK’s first dog-friendly Christmas wrapping paper, made from soy-based inks and self-sealing, causing no choking risk from tape and ribbon

  • Ruff Wrap wrapping paper was the top selling Christmas product of 2017
  • Secured a total of 31 pieces of coverage across media, websites, social and TV
  • 16 backlinks on media sites including The Daily Mail, The Times, Metro, Evening
  • Standard, Yahoo, Ideal Home and Country Living. Plus two, four minute long features on Made in Leeds TV
  • Featured by 13 dog-owning bloggers on Instagram and their websites, with 100% positive reviews
  • Generated an increase in organic website traffic, compared to the rest of the year
  • Increased social media referrals

Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 12.22.50

Ten of the Most Beautiful Factories Around the World

In order to generate high authority links to my client’s website, we needed a content campaign that was unique, shareable and still relevant to their brand.

No one would ever describe a factory as beautiful, so we knew if we could prove they existed, the media would love to see the images too. By scouring architecture trade publications, blogs, industry awards and news from around the world, we compiled a top ten list of the most impressive factories.

We found many of them welcomed visitors, which gave us a great angle for travel media. The biggest challenge was sourcing high resolution images and seeking permission from photographers, Architects and business owners, all in different time zones.

  • Secured 18 pieces of global online coverage, 7 of which included backlinks
  • Top tier media coverage included, and
  • The article on the Daily Mail generated 77 shares and 24 mostly positive comments (which is almost unheard of!)

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