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How to become a freelance PR consultant


Have you considered going freelance but not sure where to start? This course will help you make the big decisions necessary before handing in your notice, give you the confidence and knowledge to begin straight away with paying clients and never spend a day wishing you worked for someone else. 

I’ve always known I wanted to work for myself, but for a long time I couldn’t picture how I’d make decision the time was right or indeed what to do before taking the leap and make sure it was a success. I also thought I needed three months worth of savings, which would be lovely but it’s just not realistic for many people. 

I’ve been self-employed for two years now, after working in PR & digital agencies for over ten years. I’ve managed teams, pitched to global brands and managed PR and Social Media strategy for some exciting campaigns, worth tens of thousands of pounds a month. I now use this experience and work with companies I genuinely care about.

My aim when I started self-employment was to earn the same salary as my previous job, but be able to work the hours I choose. After two years, I have consistently earned more than previous roles, but more importantly I have done this in less hours and still had holidays and every weekend free for time with my family. But I didn’t get everything right, so I’m teaching you from my mistakes as well as my successes.

Modules include Making the Leap, how to decide when to go freelance, Building Your Brand, Finance Matters and Finding Work.

The course can be done in your own time, all online, and there will be an option for email consultancy with me, should you need further support.

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