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If you work in public relations and have considered going freelance, but you’re not sure where to start, this course is for you. It will help you make the big decisions necessary before handing in your notice, give you the confidence and knowledge to begin with paying clients and never spend a day wishing you worked for someone else. 

This course is everything I have learned right from setting up, to winning new business, the tools I rely on to do my job and the Facebook groups that have become virtual colleagues. It is everything I wish had been in one place when I started self-employment, and you can be reassured I was in your exact position, wondering how people made this kind of working life a success. There are four modules and between 3-5 lessons per module.

Module 1: Making the leap

You may be ready to start tomorrow or you may still be Googling advice on your lunch break unsure when would be the right time (this was me 5 years ago). Either way, we’ll run through how you can decide to go freelance and when, working through the pro’s and con’s in a practical exercise and help you define a niche that is profitable.

Module 2: Your personal brand

You’ve been managing client reputations for years, but now you’ll be responsible for managing your own. I’ll take you through some of the best tactics that have worked for me, for relatively little budget, and you’ll learn which platforms to focus on building your profile in order to attract your ideal clients.

Module 3: Finance for PR freelancers

From contracts to invoices, managing your expenses and chasing late payments. This was the part of being freelance that I dreaded the most. But with a few simple processes in place, the admin side of your self-employment won’t take days, just a few hours per month. I’ll teach you how to stay on top of things and what rights you have against pesky late payers.

Module 4: Finding freelance PR work

By now you’ll have the mindset and information to get yourself set up, here’s where you narrow down your ideal client and how to find them. I’ll share how you can start winning new business, my tips and advice on the best approaches or how to respond to online adverts for freelance work to beat the competition. Finally, we’ll go through the types of work freelancers have, and the benefits of each, helping you decide what to focus on.

The details…

  • This course is purely online, you can begin whenever you like and keep coming back to it at your own pace
  • You’ll get exercises, advice, tips and links to useful resources
  • It costs £99 (you’ll make this back once you’ve got your first client)
  • If you have any questions, pop me an email:


“I’d been thinking about being a freelancer for ages and taking this course gave me the push I needed to make it happen. I was able to work through each stage and now feel so much more confident about selling myself and finding the right clients for me” Anna, North Yorkshire.

“Hearing from Jess about her experiences and tips from becoming freelance herself was invaluable for me. I have completed the course and keep going back to it as it’s full of really useful advice. Thank you!” Sophie, West Yorkshire

About Jessica Maccio

I worked in PR & digital agencies including Stickyeyes, Wolfstar and Beattie Group, and had one short stint in-house at Morrison Supermarkets press office before deciding agency life was for me. I adore working in PR and its all I’ve ever wanted to do.

For over ten years I was managing teams, pitching to global brands and looking after PR and social media strategy for exciting campaigns, worth tens of thousands of pounds a month. My experience helped me forge a successful freelance career and I now work with companies I genuinely care about, all from home with my dog for company.

My aim when I started self-employment was simple – earn more in less hours. I know it’s not very British to admit something like that but I was tired of having to start work at the crack of dawn in order to leave early to pick my kid up from school. I’d also wasted days and probably weeks of my working life in meetings, so I knew there was a more efficient way of getting the job done in less time, to the same standard.

I am now earning more than I ever have, but more importantly I have done this in less hours and still had holidays and every weekend free for time with my family. I didn’t get everything right and spent a lot of time searching for answers to a million questions anyone has when deciding to make the leap, so I’m teaching you from mistakes as well as successes.

If I’m so successful, why am I selling courses? To be honest, it’s not something I thought I would do, but the beauty of working for yourself on your own schedule, is that you have the time and new found confidence to try new things. I knew I could help at least one person sat at their PR job, wishing they were working at home or with clients they truly care about, and this is the best way of getting that person the information they need to get started.

If that sounds like you, I’d love it if you joined the course.

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